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Two translation questions ...


Morning all,

I have two related questions:

   - I know that in the later builds of DHIS2 one can 'extract' the
   translated metadata via the API using the 'locale' argument. Is there an
   easy way to extract translations from one instance and then import
   translations for existing objects using this new ability (the current
   approach I'm using is to extract from the translation table and 'Curl' the
   resulting file into the target system)?
   - Is there an easy way to prepare and import long lists of metadata in
   multiple languages (e.g. we have thousands of facilities in Arabic and
   English, or in another case, hundreds of option-set values in Russian,
   Ukrainian and English? We've imported the initial list using the base
   language, but now want to import the other two languages.

Any other hints, shortcuts etc. appreciated.


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