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Viewing/linking imported Translations of Organisational Units


Hi there,

I seem to be having no end of challenges with linking/viewing imported
translations for Organisational Units on the following implementation:

Version: 2.21
Build revision: 20895

We set this version up of a tri-language Ukrainian/Russian/English
implementation (that is mobile-tracker focused).

We have imported the equivalent of States/Districts/Org Units in Ukrainian
and were using the API to import the EN/RU translations for Name and Short
Name for the organisation units.

The translations are visible in the Translation Table, but do not show-up
when you click on the translation option through the UI for an
organisational unit. I can go in and create a manual translation entry for
one of the Organisational Units and it appears to all intent and purposes
identical in form in the Translation table as the ones I loaded via the API.

I’m also having no luck (in this instance) with switching and viewing the
database language locale for ‘manual’ translation entries for
organisational units.

It doesn’t matter whether I clear DHIS side cache and/or browser-side cache
or set up a  clean browser interface after changing the database locales in
my user settings.

Is there anything about this build revision that is problematic with
linking/displaying translations for organisational units?

My next option is to patch this to the latest Build Revision.


David Hagan

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