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User Authorities and Dashboards


Hello all,

I have a big problem setting up the correct authorities so that users see what I need them to.
In brief, I am reporting on financial data. I have a few investors for whom I have prepared personal dashboards with pivots on how much return they have earned. I DO NOT want investors to be able to see each other's data.

This is what I have done:

1)      User Authorities:

-          See dashboards

-          See browser cache

-          See pivot table module
IMPORTANT: If I remove the "See pivot table module" the users are not able to see the saved pivot tables on their dashboard! So I need this authority.

2)      Dashboards

-          Created personal dashboard for each investor

-          Shared the dashboard only with the respective investor

Every investor is able to see only their dashboard. Here comes the BIG PROBLEM: When an investor clicks "Explore" pivot table from the dashboard it takes him to the Pivot table app. From there, they can go to Favorites and open a saved report for any of the other investors and see data.

Two questions here:

1)      Is there a way for user to see pivots on a dashboard without necessarily having access to the Pivot reporting module?

2)      If not, is there a way to restrict user of opening reports saved as favorites in the Pivot reporting module?

Your comments are highly appreciated!


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