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Re: Number formatting


Hi Elmarie,

Thanks for the response! I am using 2.26.
The digit separator works good. The number of decimals cannot be selected at data element level. I know this option is available with indicators, but I can’t figure it out with data elements. Any idea?


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Subject: RE: [Dhis2-users] Number formatting

Hi Georgi,

Which version of DHIS2 are you using?

In later versions you can change the digit group separator to use in analytics under System Settings > Appearance to comma, space or none.
The decimal values are determined by the datatype you select e.g. if you select integer you cannot have any decimals thus select number and define the number of decimal spaces.
I am not aware of anywhere you can add a currency symbol.


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Subject: [Dhis2-users] Number formatting

Hello all!

Is there a way to format numbers in DHIS2 to Use proper $ signs, commas, and decimals for all display figures?
Example: 200000 to $ 200,000.00


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