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Search data elements by Code


Hello everybody,

We have in our DHIS2 instance data elements belonging to different programs/data sets, but also to different domains (packages) or diseases we are dealing with. Also, some of them are common across different diseases and domains.

So far, in order to easy the search for specific data elements in the maintenance app, we were including additional codes (like tags) inside the names of these data elements. The problem arose when we used analytic apps and these long codified names started showing very ugly in the charts and tables. We found a way to enforce using short names instead of names, although there are some bugs preventing this in event-based analytics apps and we reported it.

Anyhow, we feel that names of data elements should be something human readable and without specific codifications and tags. Thus we first planned to move these codified names to data element codes instead, but, currently there is no possibility to search data elements by their code in the maintenance app.

We've seen that in 2.27 the search of data elements improved and gives more options, but not searching by code unfortunately.

We think that it could be very useful and user friendly if we are able to search of data elements using specific tags (disease, package, common...) codified inside the code attribute of data elements, so we would like to raise the question of possibility of including such functionality in DHIS2.

Thank you!


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