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Re: Value type error with option set


Change the value type for your sex variable to text. Enter text values for the name and code for the option values e.g. Female for name and Female for code then for the second value also enter male for name and male for code.


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Subject: [Dhis2-users] Value type error with option set

Dear all,

- I have a DE "Sex" with Number value type. Domain type: Tracker

- I have a option set "SexOpt" with Number value type too. It has options: Name "Male" Code 1 and Name "Female" code 2.

- I set "SexOpt" for DE "Sex". 

When I enter data for an Entity in program an error occurs: Value must be a number: Male (or Female) if I choose any option in list (or radio button).

Please help me.



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