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HELP NEEDED: DHIS2 design issue


Hi DHIS 2 community!

We have the following case and your advice will be highly appreciated!

We have a client that works with vulnerable children and vulnerable adults. Our client has 6 (six) partners that provide a long list of services based on the needs of the beneficiaries. Among these services are HIV testing, HIV status determination and HIV related service. Each partner needs to protect HIV information for its beneficiaries from the other partners.
Here are a few requirements, posed by our client:

1)      All partners use the same tool for capturing data (we have configured tracker capture program to register beneficiaries and track service provision)

2)      Partners are able to see each other's data, EXCEPT FOR HIV related data

3)      There is this one partner whose data should not be seen by anybody else (this partner can see other partners' data, though)

4)      There are area overlaps, meaning that partners might work in the same village, e.g.
We have a design problem, in which we cannot figure out how to enable all partners to use the same tracker program, but at the same time to satisfy the requirements above. This is what we have tried so far:

A)      Data element sharing. We tried to share HIV data elements with a few partners only, to test whether the rest of the partners can see those data elements in data entry. Yes, they were able to see them, so this option would not work for us. Sharing data elements determines what users will see in reports, not in data entry.

B)      We tried creating Attribute categories and sharing them, with selected partners. This didn't work for the same reason as above. Sharing restricts access in reporting but not in data entry.

C)      We can create six different tracker programs for each partner, but we have so many program indicators to build for reporting that 6 separate programs will increase our work by 6. It will also be hard to our client to manage 6 programs for a number of reasons.
Our question is: Does anyone have an idea how to design our system so that we enable partners to work on the same tracker program, but be able to see/enter data pertaining only to them?

Thanks in advance for your time and attention!



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