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Loop hole in updating data values for completed Data Sets



Here is an issue we have noted, on the data entry form I can update
individual data values when the data set is completed without first
incompleting , update the values and then complete. When I run the data set
report at the same level the I can see the updated values, but on the audit
trail I can only see the first value entered.

I don't know why this works this way or it's a system bug. I would propose
once a data set is completed the data entry fields should be disabled in
the data entry form and for any updates the user must incomplete, update
values and the complete again.

We have seen users taking advantage of this loop hole, whereby they
complete blank data sets and then update the values later. So when running
reporting rates summary you'll see those facilities have reported which is
not the case.

Kindly advise on this.



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