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Help needed: Show/hide previous DE entry based on a selection


Dear all,

We have the following use case and your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Our use-case needs to show/hide a previous DE entry based on a current Yes/No selection. Below are the few requirements that are needed:

  1.  1st visit: User enters data.
  2.  2nd visit: User enters data.
     *   IF user selects Yes on a data element THEN a text box (message) should show up with the previous (in this case 1st visit) data element information (as a FYI message to the user).
     *   IF user selects No on a data element THEN the FYI message is hidden.

We have created tracker program to get the data, but unfortunately, we have been unable to implement 2.a. in DHIS2. I am sure that we are missing something but I can’t seem to figure it out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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