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Re: Predictors for "carry forward" and cohorts



I thought about this for a second again. For 6 months I think it's more
like this

Period type = Monthly
Annual sample count = 0
Sequential sample count = 5
Sequential skip count = 4

This would eg. take data only from January 2017 to fill in the June 2017

On Jun 29, 2017 10:23 PM, "Shurajit Dutta" <shurajitdutta@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Olav

I am not sure about all cohort types, would have to look a bit more. I
believe for 6 months cohort it might work like this (remember I haven't

Period type = Monthly
Annual sample count = 0
Sequential sample count = 6
Sequential skip = 5

Then it would exclude the first 5 months of data in relation to the sample
selected while also going 6 months back.

I guess you could potentially do the same for the other cohorts as long as
your skip identified how far back you went?

Perhaps I need to test this myself


On Jun 27, 2017 8:44 PM, "Olav Poppe" <olav.poppe@xxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,
I wanted to check if anyone had any experience using predictors for 1)
«carry forward» of values from one period to the following, or 2) copying
cohort data forward?

As far as I can tell from some limited testing, 1) should work as it is now
by setting sequential sample count to 1 and annual sample count to 0. You
could then for example copy ending balance for May 2017 to starting balance
June 2017 etc. (note: I don’t mean to start a discussion how to collect
data on stock).

Moving forward cohorts would similarly work today, but only for 12 month
cohorts as far as I can figure out. From what I understand, even 12-month
cohorts are sometimes in reality reported after e.g. 14 months, and there
are of course others (6 months, 24 months, 36 months). At least on the
surface, it would seem adding support for specifying the sample period as X
months back would be a relatively straightforward thing, and it would be
very helpful for this purpose. I know people are using custom script for
this type of thing today.


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