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Missing Key Step when Aggregating Tracker Data--please help!


Dear Users & Devs,

I've been researching how to integrate Tracker Data into the main database but am continually running into a challenge when testing on the DHIS2 Demo. I can successfully view my individual enrollments on the Tracker Reports but cannot see any aggregate data input for the same information under pivot tables or event reports.  As an example, if I register a new male birth on 7/17/17, I cannot see an added value in aggregated male births for 7/17/17-It is clear to me I am missing the crucial link.

Do I need to specify a program indicator to make this happen?

I have read the docs but do not understand what I am missing. I am also wondering if it could just be the Demo system not setup to aggregate tracker elements which is why I am reaching out-I don't want to drive myself crazy :)


Chase Freeman
Jr. Web Developer
Management Systems International
A Tetra Tech Company
Arlington, VA USA
(Work) +1 703 979 7170 x219


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