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Program rules - Hide program stages


Dear DHIS2 team, 
We use the program rule “hide program stages” for one of our tracker. Depending on the clinical suspicion in stage 1, several disease-specific stages are “unhidden” (stage 2, stage 3, stage4). We are very happy this has been implemented in 2.26. 
Would it be possible to improve it a little bit? 
Currently, if I have just completed the stage 2 and I want to “add” stage 3 to continue entering data, stage 3 et stage 4 do not show up, unless I click back on the stage 1 (where we have the program rule). Would it be difficult to allow for adding stage 3 and stage 4 from whichever stage as soon as the program rule in stage 1 is verified?
Not sure if I make sense…
Dr. Lise Grout
World Health Organization
Department of Neglected Tropical Diseases (HTM/NTD/IDM)
Innovative and Intensified Disease Management Unit
20, Avenue Appia; CH-1211 Geneva 27
Tel. +41 22 791 2341
Mobile +41 79 290 68 61
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