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DHIS2- Giving class To data Element in source code of dataset


Source Code: (Data Set )

While Creating a Dataset i given the dataelements to create a dataset and
in source code i have added a class to input field of dataelement to apply
css affect on that dataelement.
 After that css is applied But DataELement not working like a default
Means it can't save the value.
or shown green field when data is enter in dataelement.

When i remove that class from dataelement input field. It work properly.
Saving the data. and show green color to field.

How I use class/style to dataelement so that it maintain its functionality
Also ??

<td class="text-center">&nbsp;</td>
<td class="text-center">&nbsp;</td>
<td><input  class="form-control" id="EIaewXOK4p3-HllvX50cXC0-val"
name="entryfield" title="5 Date of Visit" value="[ 5 Date of Visit ]"
<td><input  class="form-control" id="rRM6XNQkad8-HllvX50cXC0-val"
name="entryfield" title="4 Organization" value="[ 4 Organization ]" /></td>
<td><input  class="form-control" id="qfesvAfjndJ-HllvX50cXC0-val"
name="entryfield" title="3 Name of trainings" value="[ 3 Name of trainings
]" /></td>
<td><input  class="form-control" id="fNAydvgh37h-HllvX50cXC0-val"
name="entryfield" title="3 Organization" value="[ 3 Organization ]" /></td>

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