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Analytics: Selection of User org unit respond to "Data capture org unit"unsteady of "Data output and analytic" OrgUnits


Dear DHIS2 team, 
Favorite report which is assigned to "User Org Unit" is responding to assigned "Data capture Organisation Unit". It is my understanding that the primary goal of "User Org Unit" is for analysis purpose, if this is the case then it is my perception that would make a lot of sense if report results could respond to assigned "Data output and analytic" OrgUnits.
Based on current setup, there is some limitation in sharing information assigned based on "User Org Unit". Shared Dashboard can be vivid and practical example. If I share Dashboard to a User X whose "Data capture Organisation Unit" is health facility, and "Data output and analytic" OrgUnits is District, the user X will not be able to see how other peer health facilities are performing unless you assign his/her "Data capture Organisation Unit" at District level. 
I think this feature is very important especially for perfomance Dashboard.