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d2: daysbetween AND d2:yearsbetween not working properly in 2.27 build revision b6e8cde


Hello all!

I am trying to create a program rule based on Date of birth and Enrollment date. Basically, I want to hide one set of data elements if the client is below 18 years old and another set of data elements if the client is above 18 years of age.

This is what I tried:

1)      (d2:daysBetween(A{Date of Birth}, V{enrollment_date})/365)  <18             THIS DOES NOT WORK

2)      (d2:yearsBetween(A{Date of Birth}, V{ enrollment _date})/365)  <18          This actually works(hides the data element I want), but I don't think it is the correct expression.

3)      d2:yearsBetween(A{Date of Birth}, V{ enrollment _date})  <18                      I think that this is the correct expression, but it is executing the rule (does not hide the data element).

Do you think that there might be a bug in how these expressions work? If not, can someone guide me to the correct expression?

Thanks in advance,


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