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Saving favorites with User Orgunit


We've been trying to configure some standard dashboards for users in each
of the 30 districts but have come to realize that the user orgunit that can
be saved for the favorite refers to the orgunits that data entry staff are
assigned for visualization, not the orgunits they are assigned for data

This is problematic since we want people to be able to see data across the
country and compare their performance with other districts so we have
assigned the data visualization orgunits to level 1 - national.

In our use case it would make more sense to assign the userorgunit for data
entry as the one that is used for data entry.  Would it be possible to
change this - or to give us the option of setting user orgunit to one or
the other?

In the current scenario, I we are going to have to create new analysis
objects for each of our 30 districts and 42 district hospitals (maps,
charts, pivot tables) so that they can be filtered for their orgunit
levels.  I'm trying to script this process in R, but it is a labor of love.

Anyone else have a workaround?

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