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Import of coordinates fails in v2.27(DHIS2)


Dear all,

My case is regarding the following: DHIS->Import->CSV->Organizational Units->Coordinates. I am not sure whether this is a bug or not well described in the documentation but import of coordinates does not work properly DHIS2 v.2.27.

I have tried numerous combinations of arranging the latitude and longitude in my .CSV file and none of that worked when import in DHIS2. My feature type is "POINT". This is the "Conflict" I get:

Main Type           Error Type           Description
OrganisationUnit              String    Property `url` requires a valid URL, was given `[36.035858,31.871833]`.
Combinations were made with: dots, commas, space, most type of brackets, rotating latitude and longitude, etc.

When I entered coordinates manually in DHIS2 for a single OrgUnit and I could successfully view that POINT on a map. This is what I get from a XML export of Organization Units regarding manually input of coordinates:


Your help will be very appreciated as I need to enter approximately 2000 Point coordinates for Organizational Units.

Kind Regards,
Kristiyan Panayotov

Kristiyan Panayotov | Data analyst, http://www.logicaloutcomes.net/
kristiyan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<kristiyan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx%20> | Sofia +359 889 318 878 | Skype ID: kr.panayotov

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