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DHIS 2 to support PostgreSQL only?


Hi all,

I want to bring up the idea of solely support PostgreSQL for DHIS 2 for
production use to get feedback from the community.

The DHIS 2 team is seeing clear benefits of moving to PostgreSQL-only. The
main ones are:

1. Supporting and testing for more than one database platform is
time-consuming. The majority of DHIS 2 implementations is using PostgreSQL

2. PostgreSQL supports advanced geospatial features through PostGIS. We are
already depending on these for the GIS module to work optimally (i.e. for
event clustering in GIS). There are no direct equivalent in e.g. MySQL. We
are also considering using PostGIS data types in main data model.

3. PostgreSQL will provide some impressive features which will become very
useful for us in version 10
<https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/New_in_postgres_10> and 11. E.g. native
partitioning, parallel queries, logical replication, foreign tables and
improved query performance will be useful and allow us to develop the next
DHIS 2 analytics solution.

We are aware this will be inconvenient for users of other databases such as
MySQL, but there is the option of migrating your database through the DHIS
2 metadata and data value import-export feature.

On a technical note, we will keep the Hibernate development framework and
keep supporting the H2 database for unit testing purposes.

Please let us know your thoughts on this.



Lars Helge Øverland
Lead developer, DHIS 2
University of Oslo
Skype: larshelgeoverland
http://www.dhis2.org <https://www.dhis2.org/>

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