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Ambiguity in upgrade instructions


In the 2.22 upgrade instructions it says:
"The DHIS 2 configuration file is now called dhis.conf and has a range of new and renamed properties. The hibernate.properties configuration file is deprecated. Consult the installation guide for details."

In 2.25 it says:
"- The system will no longer look for a configuration file called hibernate.properties. Instead use dhis.conf as filename. The configuration properties in dhis.conf are different from hibernate.properties - read the database configuration documentation."

Does this mean that up to 2.25, hibernate.properties will still work, or has it been deprecated since 2.22?

Also in 2.22 instructions:
"A configuration property encryption.password must be set in case you would like to take advantage of the new attribute value encryption feature. This value should be a random string of at least 24 characters. You also need to install the "Java Cryptography Extension (JCE)" on your server in order to encrypt information. Consult the encryption installation guide for details."

We were using this in 2.16 - has something changed that it's mentioned in the 2.22 upgrade instructions?


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