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Application to improve Data Quality


Dear All,
I am currently looking for a data collection application solution for
our current instance and the scenario is as follows:


Public Health Units: PHUs has the following paper based records
(Register--->Tally Sheet------>Summary Forms): These Summary Forms are
then submitted to the District Health Management Teams: DHMTs they in
turn access DHIS 2 to do data entry. Having look at our data
collection strategy up to our data entry there is need for concern
since it might affect the quality of our data.


In light of this, i am inquiring if anyone had done a project that
could improve our data quality or is there a recommendation from Oslo
in relation to an application that could be a solution. Actually i was
thinking of an app within a tab that could act as a register & tally
sheet which will then the sum data collected at the end of the month,
populate the various Summary Forms and then sync to DHIS 2 once these
tabs are within the environs of the DHMTs.

Kindly share your views or opinions or anything in relation to this
topic because it is something that i think is affecting most countries
using DHIS 2.

Thanks in advance for help or support or comments.



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