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Problem with setting up validation notifications


Hi all,

I am struggling to set up validation notifications on an aggregated
instance with validation rules defined.

I could not find guidance in the DHIS2 manuals specifically how to set this

I followed the following:

1)      Validation rules are defined

2)      Added a validation notification template where I selected
collective summary and left the “notify users in hierarchy unticked” since
I don’t quite understand what that option would mean. Selected a user group
to which this notification template should send notifications

3)      Under scheduling activated Data Monitoring to “All daily”

4)      We do have an email configured on the instance which is
successfully sending out other mails e.g. forgot password notifications,
password expiry notifications etc.

What am I missing in the configuration as the particular user group do not
receive notifications?


*Elmarie Claasen*

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