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Event reports get error when click on moving to new pages


Hi team,

I have created an event report and I have two issues regarding this event

   1. After click on explore and event report is opening it takes long time
   to open and still keep loading, in console I see an error (please check in
   attach Capture1.PNG).
   2. However, sometimes I can open that event report successfully without
   any error in console. But if I click moving to a new page suddenly in
   console I see another error (please check in attach Capture2.PNG).

I have tested in below versions.

   - Version: 2.28, Build revision: af15a18, Build date: 2017-10-11 06:22
   - Version: 2.27, Build revision: 0f93cf9, Build date: 2017-07-23 06:25

Both above version result in the same errors in console as described above.
Anybody experience these kinds of issues in event report? Please kindly

Thanks with best regards,

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