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DHIS 2 Symposium 2018 registration now open


Hi all,

The annual DHIS 2 Symposium will be held on *March 22nd and 23rd*, 2018 at
the *FHI 360 Conference Center* in Washington, D.C.

The global digital health space is moving at a rapid pace, making
exponential gains within the last few years. After less than 10 years of
development, DHIS 2 is being implemented in more than 60 countries, with
almost 30 operating at national scale. This rapid global expansion of DHIS
2 has led to exciting collaborations and partnerships targeted at improving
LMIC health systems.

In the 4th DHIS 2 Symposium we’ll look at how international partnerships
between NGOs and governments are supporting national system strengthening,
ultimately improving the use of DHIS 2 and bringing us closer to
harmonization of data.

Android mobile applications will be examined and we will hear from the
University of Oslo about efforts to overhaul and re-develop the
applications. Biometrics are making concrete gains in development work and
we’ll hear how it can be incorporated into DHIS 2.

Other topics to be explored include:

- What work is being done around DHIS 2 for the Sustainable Development
Goals and how that work can be moved forward.

- How data is used in concrete ways to drive decision-making,
course-correction and improve impact of your programs.

- How integration with other systems like LMIS and EMRs improve national

Get your tickets here:


*Are you interested in presenting?* Send an abstract (max 2 pages) to
dhis2symposium@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Abstracts are due by January 12th.

Want to showcase or demo your product or project? See the vendor ticket
description for more information.

If you have any questions please send them to here

best regards,