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Event Report / Event Visualizer: Error to update a resource shared to an UserGroup


Dear team,

I am facing an issue while saving a table/graph that is shared in a private
UserGroup. Here some details:

With the latest stable version 28, system does not allow you to update a
resource and save it when this resource is shared to a specific userGroup
you belong to.

To reproduce this bug in demo, do the following (either in Event Report or
Event visualizer tool, Pivot table works fine):

   1. Create a table and save it (screenshot 1)
   2. Allow administrators to view and edit but not to public (screenshot2)
   3. Update table (screenshot3)
   4. Try to save it (screenshot4)
   5. An error appears : Object references an unsaved translent instance -
   Save translent instance beforeQuery.flushing:
   org.hisp.dhis.user.UserGroupAccess. (screenshot 5)

*Issue created in Jira*: https://jira.dhis2.org/browse/DHIS2-2630

Does anyone have the same issue or similar?

Thanks for your commitment,


[image: Imágenes integradas 1][image: Imágenes integradas 2][image:
Imágenes integradas 3][image: Imágenes integradas 4][image: Imágenes
integradas 5]

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PNG image

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