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[Dhis2-devs] Error while creating an event report with many options in DHIS 2.26 and DHIS 2.27



In DHIS 2.26 and DHIS 2.27, we encountered the following error in the POST
call while creating an event report with a data element that has many
options in the filter.

{"httpStatus":"Internal Server
Error","httpStatusCode":500,"status":"ERROR","message":"ERROR: value too
long for type character varying(255)"}

We were only able to add 21 options to the filter and save the report in
our case. Adding more than 21 options displayed the above error. We are
suspecting that this is caused by the 'filter' parameter, when it crosses
the 255 characters threshold (see below).

:[{dimension: "aee50bae73b", items: [],…}]

0:{dimension: "aee50bae73b", items: [],…}

name:"Primary Diagnosis at ICU  Discharge - Discharge - Intensive Care Ward"

We also tried to replicate this in DHIS play. Though we were not able to
create the event report in DHIS play as well, the error reported was
different (See attached screenshot). Could you please confirm if this is a

Preeti Ajgaonkar

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