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Constructing indicators from boolean data elements


Hello all, I am trying to create an indicator that is the proportion of entities that replied "yes" on a Boolean data element in a dataset. (Number replying yes divided by total number responding).

I have searched high and low in the DHIS2 user's guide, but find nothing to help me construct what should be a pretty basic indicator.

I have specified the Indicator type as "percentage", the numerator as #{UID}==1 and the denominator as #{UID}>=0,  (replacing "UID" with the actual UID of course)  and I KNOW there are both 1s and 0s in the data element in question, but the result is always "0".

Also, I thought one could use an indicator as the basis for another indicator, but am unable to see "indicator" among the choice of items when creating numerators and denominators...

PS, I have also tried +(#{UID}==1)  and #{UID}=="TRUE"  as the numerator, but the result is the same... Evidently filters do not work in aggregate indicator construction? Or do they?

Could you enlighten me as to what I may be doing wrong, and ideally, point me to the elegant obvious solution?

Much obliged,

Jennifer E. Spratt, Ph.D.
Senior Education Research Analyst
International Development Group at RTI International
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