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Fwd: [AeHIN-ORG] Launch of WHO Classification of Digital Health Interventions v1.0


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From: MEHL, Garrett Livingston <mehlg@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, Apr 25, 2018 at 12:47 PM
Subject: [AeHIN-ORG] Launch of WHO Classification of Digital Health
Interventions v1.0
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Dear AEHIN Colleagues,

Apologies for the cross posting.

It gives me great pleasure to Announce the Launch of the *World Health
Organization Classification of Digital Health Interventions v1.0*: A shared
language to describe the uses of digital technology for health.

Please find PDF versions of the publication and associated classifications
“poster” here:


The classification of digital health interventions (DHIs) categorizes the
different ways in which digital and mobile technologies are being used to
support health system needs. Targeted primarily at public health audiences,
this Classification framework aims to promote an accessible and bridging
language between technologists and those in health, to facilitate
discussions and ways of articulating needs, as well as to describe
functionalities represented in digital health system implementations. This
document serves as a prelude to the upcoming WHO Guidelines on Digital
Health Interventions for Health Systems, providing the underlying framework
of units for evidence analysis and synthesis, and upon which formal
recommendations will be made. Furthermore, the classification content
aligns with the structure of the global registry of technology
implementations for health, the Digital Health Atlas —
www.digitalhealthatlas.org — for registering, monitoring, and inventorying
digital solutions and implementations within countries.

The WHO Classifications of Digital Health Interventions v1.0 is the result
of a multi-year process of development and refinement guided by a panel of
global experts, including those from the Health Data Collaborative Digital
Health and Interoperability Working Group. WHO is grateful for their
extensive contributions that led to this release. As this is a versioned
document, we encourage those with recommended improvements and additions,
to please provide feedback to Dr Garrett Mehl (mehlg@xxxxxxx) and Tigest
Tamrat (tamratt@xxxxxxx). Periodically, new versions will be released.

We hope the Classifications document brings greater clarity of
understanding among the diversity of stakeholders who contribute to
ensuring the benefits of digital health are for all.

On behalf of staff from the WHO Departments of Reproductive Health and
Research, and Service Delivery and Safety who coordinated the development
of the document, Thank you,



Garrett Mehl, PhD, MHS

Scientist, Digital Health Research

Department of Reproductive Health and Research, includes

HRP - the UNDP/UNFPA/UNICEF/WHO/World Bank Special Programme of Research in
Human Reproduction

World Health Organization

20 Avenue Appia

Geneva 1211


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