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Dear All,
Very warm greetings from Bhutan DHIS2 Team.
I would like to seek clarification/advice on the following points.
1) Can the data of earlier month be auto-populate in the subsequent months in data entry form? Because some of the data remain same for certain periods, whereby the user does not have to enter that data every month. It should auto-populate and make changes only if need be. 
2) How to auto-sum the tracker data and push that data to the data entry form? For instance, ANC1 visit has to auto-calculate in the mother tracker system and push to monthly activity report form to avoid tallying and entering in aggregate form.
3) Is there any feature to filter certain data elements base on the health facility in the data entry form? Certain health facility does not have the capacity to diagnose certain diseases. How to hide that data element/disease base on the facility during data entry.
4) In the tracker, is it possible to permanently transferred the enrolment status of registered mother to other facilities?  example: the pregnant mother was registered in A facility for the temporary basis, later she was settled in other areas which belong to B catchment and want to shift her enrolment from A-B. How can we transfer her enrolment status to B facility?
Looking forward to hearing you soon. We are using 2.26 version.
Thank you