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How to upload data values for data elements generated in custom forms


Hello all,
Let me paint the scenario.

I have data elements: Element A,  Element B. Category combination:
CategoryCombo C

CategoryCombo C is attached to both elements and the elements are attached
to a custom form data set.

So DHIS created 2 new elements
Element A, CatCombo C,
Element B, CatCombo C

I was not able to get/access the generated elements under Data Elements in
Maintenance app but I accessed through the indicator calculations and got
the UIDs in format xxx.yyy

Now the problem is if i copy that UID to a data values upload CSV, it never
uploads the data. Rather, it gives error message that the data element not
found or inaccessible.

So can anyone please help me with making it accessible/usable in an upload

I have attached a sample of my data values file.


Leke Seweje

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