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Bulksms gateway Configuration in 2.27


Dear DHIS experts,

We are trying to configure bulksms gateway in one of our 2.27
Instance(Build: 946e228) but failing to send sms. 

The config seem to be fine but whenever we try to send SMS, we got
''authentication failure'' as indicated by the logs below (I have change the
phone Number to 0000.).


* INFO  2018-07-19 16:38:14,989 Sending SMS to [00000000, 000000000]
(SmsMessageSender.java [http-nio-8080-exec-8])

* ERROR 2018-07-19 16:38:16,733 SMS failed, failure cause: authentication
failure (SmsMessageSender.java [http-nio-8080-exec-8])


The BulkSMS credentials are working perfectly on https://www.bulksms.com 


I have also tried a configuration using the API and got the same message
using these payload.

*	Gateway Config


  "name": "bulkSMS",

  "username": "Username",

  "password": "Pwd"



*	Add the gateway to Defaul
*	Send sms 


  "message":"Sms Text",

  "recipients": [





Am I missing something in the Config?

Is here anyone who had this issue before?



Kind regards.


Djibril Dione




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