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Re: Tracker capture app for Android - OUs not showing up


Hi Ed - check the User account that you're testing: the Org Unit assignment needs to have all possible options selected, rather than just the top level. On desktop, when you create Users and assign org units, you can choose a top level, and it will assign all the levels below. For the app, you'll need to select each org individually.

After fixing this, on the app, the org units you selected will appear in one long list (there isn't a hierarchy), and may be a list of a combination of levels (if that's what you selected for that User).

As a test, from the User account: de-select all org units, and only select a few of the lowest level org unit you're trying to test.

Re-boot the app, and you should now see just these org units.


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We’re trying to use the Android tracker capture app for our version 2.28 Tracker program but only get the very top level OU available when we attempt to capture data.  Is there something we’ve forgotten?