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Fwd: [Dhis2-devs] Linking Power BI and DHIS2


Hi All,

Just in case you were wondering how to link Power BI to DHIS2, see below:

   - Login to your *DHIS2* instance and get the ID of your pivot table that
   has data you want to push to *Power BI*

[image: DHIS2 ID.JPG]

   - Open *Power BI* and select *Get Data*; Under *Other*, select *Web*
   then *Connect*

[image: Get Data.JPG]

   - Enter URL of DHIS2 analytics table in the format:

[image: Url of data table.JPG]

   - Select Basic for authentication

[image: Select basic authentication.JPG]

   - Preview the data and load it in *Power BI*

[image: Preview and load.JPG]

Waka Wafubwa

JPEG image

JPEG image

JPEG image

JPEG image

JPEG image