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Dear DHIS2 community,

UiO will be running a DHIS2 Beta Test campaign for release 2.31 from *12
November* to *23 November* 2018.

The beta testing campaign is an opportunity for you to preview the very
latest features of DHIS2 while helping us to catch existing features that
have been broken (regression) and check that new features are fit for
purpose. It is a big advantage to fix bugs and issues *before* release, so
we hope for your support in testing the Release Candidate as well as

*Participation will be possible by either:*

   - testing directly on our release candidate demo instance(s)
   - downloading the release candidate war file, or building from the
   release candidate tag, and running your own instance

*Pro Tip!*

With 2.31, we have modified our build process to produce fully
deterministic builds. This means that if you build the war file yourself,
from the release candidate tag, you will get exactly the same war file that
we produce (regardless of when you build it).

The 2.31 final release will be available from *30 November* (assuming no
critical regression issues remain open at that time).


Subject to demand, we will kick off the Beta Testing campaign by holding a
webinar with a brief demo of new features on *12 November* at around 14:00
CET. We welcome attendance from all of the DHIS2 Experts community.

Please let phil@xxxxxxxxx know if you are interested in the demo, and save
the date!

Further details will be made available on our website at
www.dhis2.org/beta_testing in due course.

Kind regards,

On behalf of the DHIS2 QA Team.

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