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Analytics schedule


Is there a way to have analytics run at a time of my choice?  We have two DHIS2 servers - a tracker for certain programs (TB, etc.) and an aggregate instance that encompasses aggregate data for all national programs.  We transfer data daily from certain program indicators on the tracker instance to data elements on the aggregate instance but would like all data captured that day on the tracker instance to be available on the aggregate instance following analytics.  As I understand it, we need to transfer the data using the API after analytics runs on the tracker instance, though it will only be available on the aggregate instance a day later since analytics will have run already when the data is transferred, effectively meaning data will be available 2 days later.

Is there a good approach to solving this?  Some thoughts I've had include forcing analytics an hour earlier by setting the server time back and then forward again in a cron job.  Has anyone tried this?

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