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[Blueprint plugin-system] Plugin system


Blueprint changed by Oliver Sauder:

Whiteboard changed:
  I was reading more about LibPeas. Do you think it is developed and
  stable enough for us to use? The Shotwell folks apparently are still
  holding off switching to LibPeas and are still using their own system
  (http://redmine.yorba.org/issues/3408). ~odd-rationale (2011-8-14)
+ Well, the version available in Oneiric is used by gedit and totem and seems therefore pretty stable. However, as noted in the shotwell Issue, the version for Natty and lower are definitely not stable enough for us either.
+ The question here is, if such a plugin system needs to be available on older system as well or if should make a cut here. Another way would be to backport the Oneiric version to Natty.
+ We have a similar issue with gtk3 which is needed to implement Blueprint key-combination. Even though gtk3
+ runs on Natty there is no gtk3 Ambiance theme available therefore Diodon looks pretty misplaced.
+ ~sao (2011-8-16)

Plugin system