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[Bug 811792] Re: AttributeError: 'MetaTypedInterface' object has no attribute '__name__'


Hi Tres Seaver: thanks for looking into this.

The Tahoe-LAFS project has a new stable release scheduled to come out
soon, and this issue is causing problems for our users. Even though this
isn't "zope.interface's fault" exactly, it is a problem that our users
have if they have zope.interface 3.6.4 and they don't have the problem
if they have an older version of zope.interface. At the moment Tahoe-
LAFS has a work-around in our dependency specification by saying "Tahoe-
LAFS requires zope.interface 3.3.1, 3.5.3, or 3.6.1":


This has  already proven problematic for a user (actually a developer)
who had zope.interface 3.5.1 and was on a train when they discovered
that our build system rejected it. Also it is really unsatisfying
because as soon as a new version of Nevow comes out (let's assume it
will be numbered 0.11.0), then we would like for users to be able to run
with any version of zope.interface as long as they have Nevow >= 0.11.0.
(Or, it would be okay if they ran with any version of Nevow as long as
they had zope.interface < 3.6.4, but there's no way to express that
alternative constraint in the Python dependency language).

Anyway, I was wondering if you had any ideas about how to work-around
this problem in zope.interface. If you released a new zope.interface
(let's assume it will be numbered 3.6.5) then a user would be able to
get past this problem by upgrading zope.interface. This would be another
way for them to get unstuck, in addition to the currently available way
(downgrade zope.interface) and the hopefully imminent way (upgrade Nevow
to >= 0.11.0).


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  AttributeError: 'MetaTypedInterface' object has no attribute

Status in Divmod Nevow:
Status in Tahoe, the Lovely Accessible File System:
  Fix Released
Status in zope.interface:

Bug description:
  This is with Nevow 0.10.0 and zope.interface 3.6.4. David-Sarah
  Hopwood and Drew Perttula each independently reported this error. (I
  haven't seen it personally, I'm just reporting what they posted.) Drew
  included a patch to zope.interface work-around it:



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