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[Bug 811792] Re: AttributeError: 'MetaTypedInterface' object has no attribute '__name__'


By my analysis, releasing a version of zope.interface with the fallback
proposed in the patch is not a reasonable thing to do:

- For "normal" uses of zope.interface, the proposed fallback behavior
won't ever be triggered

- For the nevow case:  making __hash__ "work" (i.e., not raise
AttributeError) before assigning the instance's '__name__' will still
lead to a later failure, because the value stored in the dict will not
be findable: objects used as keys in a dict *must* have a '__hash__'
which always returns the same value for a given instance.

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dev, which is the registrant for nevow.

  AttributeError: 'MetaTypedInterface' object has no attribute

Status in Divmod Nevow:
Status in Tahoe, the Lovely Accessible File System:
Status in zope.interface:

Bug description:
  This is with Nevow 0.10.0 and zope.interface 3.6.4. David-Sarah
  Hopwood and Drew Perttula each independently reported this error. (I
  haven't seen it personally, I'm just reporting what they posted.) Drew
  included a patch to zope.interface work-around it:



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