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Re: [Merge] lp:~divmod-dev/divmod.org/logdatetimestart-patch-848342 into lp:divmod.org


Review: Needs Fixing

I get three pyflakes warnings in test_web.py:

Mantissa/xmantissa/test/integration/test_web.py:13: 'http' imported but unused
Mantissa/xmantissa/test/integration/test_web.py:654: local variable 'cookies' is assigned to but never used
Mantissa/xmantissa/test/integration/test_web.py:702: local variable 'cookies' is assigned to but never used

Only the first of these is directly related to your changes, but I guess you might as well fix the other two while you're touching that file.

Once those are fixed, this looks good to merge, thanks!
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