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Re: [Merge] lp:~nejucomo/divmod.org/fix-nevow-setup into lp:divmod.org


Where would the automated test code live?

If it's inside Nevow proper, does that mean it would import setup.py in a unit test module?

Should we move the parsing code inside of Nevow, then import that in setup.py?  That difficult without re-introducing the problem this patch is trying to solve.  It would also be in danger of regressing https://bugs.launchpad.net/nevow/+bug/812537.

Should the setup.py module itself could have unittests?

All of these options sound ridiculous to me.  Is there another approach I've missed?

It seems like the right way to test this is to have package infrastructure tests somewhere that test installing packages (and then running the unittests or other verification on the installation).

Does Nevow have such a system?  If not, I can try one of the approaches above, and I'd appreciate guidance on which is the least insane.
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