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Re: [Merge] lp:~lvh/divmod.org/modernize-axiom-packaging into lp:divmod.org


Review: Needs Fixing

> list(plugin.getPlugins(plugin.IPlugin, "axiom.plugins"))

I haven't actually tried running this code yet, but I'm pretty sure it raises an exception. The second parameter to getPlugins() is an actual python module object, not a string. In other words, this code should be something like:

import axiom.plugins
list(plugin.getPlugins(plugin.IPlugin, axiom.plugins))

(Note the two calls to getPlugins; we want to regenerate the cache for twisted.plugins as well as for axiom.plugins)

Alas, I suspect this approach may work fine when running 'setup.py install' as the old setup.py did, but fail during a pip installation (or during the building of a Debian/etc. package) as Axiom is not being installed into a location that is on the sys.path of the running Python interpreter.
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