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[Bug 1225840] Re: files-browse.page multiple fixes


This bug was fixed in the package ubuntu-docs - 14.04.2

ubuntu-docs (14.04.2) trusty; urgency=low

  * media.page:
    - Confusing link removed.
  * shell-guest-session.page:
    - Prevent shell commands from showing up in translation template.
  * unity-launcher-change-autohide.page:
    - Description changed (LP: #1246022).
  * files-browse.page, backup-restore.page, backup-thinkabout.page:
    - Minor fixes (LP: #1225840, LP: #1221461, LP: #1221463).
  * update-translations.sh:
    - Script for renaming exported PO files. Thanks Kevin Godby!
    - A couple of adjustments to get the desired behavior.
  * unity-menubar-intro.page:
    - Description of new app menu option (LP: #1284221).
    - Input source added to list of status menus.
  * keyboard-layouts.page:
    - Notes about IM engine install and preferences button
      (LP: #1282364). Thanks to John Kim for valuable input!
  * whats-new.page:
    - News highlights between 12.04 and 14.04 (LP: #1271492).
  * Updated ubuntu-help.pot.
  * The latest translations exported from Launchpad.

  [ John Kim ]
  * Grammar fixes in power-lowpower.page (LP: #1189282).

  [ Doug Smythies ]
  * Typo fixes in three accounts-*.page pages.
  * ubuntu-help/C/check_validation.sh:
    - Script corrected and significantly improved.
  * ubuntu-mascot-creature.jpg:
    - Give mascot file a generic name (LP: #1287978).
    - Update content and back to JPG from PNG (LP: #1287978).
  * Fix nonexistent link destinations (LP: #1270318, LP: #1231612).
  * Fix "no way to navigate" yelp-check errors (LP: #1270314).
  * Fix or reassign or delete invalid internal links in the compiled
    html (LP: #931325).
  * html/fix-urls.sed:
    - Change gnome help redirects for html to revision neutral stable.
  * Screenshots updated (LP: #1249806).
  * Outdated UI terms updated with correct ones on a bunch of pages.
  * Incorrect sentence removed from nautilus-display.page.

  [ Nigel Hall ]
  * Spelling fix in unity-launcher-menu.page.

  [ goneaway ]
  * Grammar fix in unity-introduction.page.

  [ Kevin Godby ]
  * Spell-checked the *.page files and corrected detected errors.
  * Tweaked the language on whats-new.page.
 -- Gunnar Hjalmarsson <gunnarhj@xxxxxxxxxx>   Thu, 20 Mar 2014 20:37:00 +0100

** Changed in: ubuntu-docs (Ubuntu)
       Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released

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  files-browse.page multiple fixes

Status in “ubuntu-docs” package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  *These problems are in sequence from top to bottom along the page.

  To start the file manager, open Files in the Activities overview. You can also search for files and folders through the overview in the same way you would search for applications.
  What does the "Activities overview" mean?  I don't know whether such terms apply today.

  (2) PROBLEM:
  "search for applications" raises page not found error: 
  Page Not Found
  The page ‘shell-apps-open’ was not found in the document ‘file:///home/john/ubuntu-docs/ubuntu-help/C’.

  When looking through the files in a folder, you can quickly preview each file by pressing the space bar to be sure you have the right file before opening it, copying it, or deleting it.
  TODO: Test the preview feature on Raring and above.
  Someone confirm the feature; I'm wrote this report on Precise, and it doesn't work there.

  (4) PROBLEM:
  I think that's the space bar with the missing picture image. Please see this.

  You can quickly access common places from the sidebar. If you do not see the sidebar, click the (down_arrow) button in the toolbar...
  By the way, I did (down_arrow) in place of the down arrow image, which exists. The arrow should be a (left_arrow) button.

  ***Final comments***
  I really think that this page can come with one or two good screenshots of Nautilus and label its parts.  That would make this page much more readable.

  Ubuntu Bug Squad volunteer triager

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