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[Bug 724022] Re: Wishlist: Enable use of Ubuntu Mono as .psf console-setup font


Will it be possible to include a larger version of the font, e.g. 32x16?
16x8 is unusably tiny (and unnecessarily ugly) on "retina" displays.

I'm on Yoga 2 which has a ridiculous density 3200x1800 13" display.
Even with 32x16 fonts, I get 200x56 chars console.
I briefly tried Ubuntu fonts in the console but whether I like the shape or not VGA and Terminus win simply because they have 32x versions.

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  Wishlist: Enable use of Ubuntu Mono as .psf console-setup font

Status in Ubuntu Font Family:
Status in “ubuntu-font-family-sources” package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  The text-mode console (Ctrl-Alt-F1) currently uses the default
  system/VGA font but a hinted version of Ubuntu Mono would be lovely to
  have loadable on the Linux console when it's finished.

  Converting a TTF so that it is usable as bitmap Linux console font
  appears to be a two-stage process;  first rasterising to a BFD bitmap
  font file (bitmap with metrics), and then from that into a rawform,
  equal width PSF bitmap console font:

    otf2bdf /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ubuntu-font-family/UbuntuBetaMono-R-R21.ttf > UbuntuBetaMono-R-R21.bdf
    bdf2psf UbuntuBetaMono-R-R21.bdf /usr/share/bdf2psf/standard.equivalents /usr/share/bdf2psf/required.set+/usr/share/bdf2psf/useful.set 256 UbuntuBetaMono-R-R21.psf
    setfont -h17 UbuntuBetaMono-R-R21.psf

  The R21 Mono Beta has a cell bounding box of 482×1000 (including
  necessary leading and advance); this leads to bounding box of 8x17
  rather than the traditional 8x16 and this is what the "-n17" forces
  upon loading.  The result useful but very ugly because of the lack of
  manual hinting.

  We probably also want to make sure that at least all of the codepoints listed in the 'required.set' file are present and populated if we're going to replace the current default.
  Eventually (11.10?) we should try to apply the Ubuntu fonts to the console as well. Steps 12–14 are blocked waiting for the Ubuntu Monospace to be released and available in the archive.

   11) gfxboot-theme-ubuntu (Proportional) - bug #732854
   12) Bterm (d-i) (Monospace) -
   13) Grub2 (Monospace) - bug #729470
   14) Console-setup (Monospace) - bug #724022 (this bug)

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