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[Bug 1310309] Re: Searching on https://help.ubuntu.com/ doesn't produce results from wiki.ubuntu.com


Gunnar Hjalmarsson, thanks for the response.
>"I have a theory. wiki.ubuntu.com is principally intended for individuals and teams, i.e. not user documentation."

The vast majority of developer and end-user debugging documentation from
all the developer teams are in wiki.ubuntu.com (ex.
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProcedures ).

>"So there is a risk that including wiki.ubuntu.com would lead to quite
a few irrelevant items being included in the search results."

The current issue is that for many search terms, most or all of what
results from help.ubuntu.com is either irrelevant, or lower quality
results (ex. AskUbuntu PPAs/WORKAROUNDs/hacks, etc.), in comparison to

As well, the small negative of including results from wiki.ubuntu.com
that wouldn't apply, is outweighed by far from the increase in relevant
results from the same.

For example, if one searches for pepper, intending to find the highest
quality information about Pepper Flash (i.e. no PPA, WORKAROUNDs, etc.)
in help.ubuntu.com one only finds not relevant, and lower quality
information in the AskUbuntu category.

However, if one does a full text search at wiki.ubuntu.com one would find the most relevant article:

This outcome is largely reproducible across various search terms.

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  Searching on https://help.ubuntu.com/ doesn't produce results from

Status in “ubuntu-docs” package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  What is expected to happen is when one goes to:

  and searches for example Debugging, one of the results would be:

  However, no results from wiki.ubuntu.com are listed under any of the
  default categories (All Results, Official, Community, Technical,
  AskUbuntu). One would have to know upfront from trial and
  error/experience that in order to get results from wiki.ubuntu.com one
  has to go to there and then look it up.

  While I am aware of the different articles that I typically look for,
  and on which page to search for them, I constantly find myself
  desiring to be able to do a one stop shop search, instead of flipping
  between the two. Given this, having this searching capability would
  certainly empower the Ubuntu Community in their efforts to search for
  relevant documentation.

  One potential resolution would be to integrate the results from
  wiki.ubuntu.com into Official, as the articles there tend to be
  released from Ubuntu/Canonical developers, and are of high technical

  If this would not be preferred, another solution would be to create a
  new search category (ex. Ubuntu Wiki), that populates results from
  wiki.ubuntu.com only.

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