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[Bug 1334495] Re: Two mixed fonts when rendering Chinese in KDE/QT apps with Droid Sans fonts


Hi Gunnar,

sorry for the long delay. A recent update caused a problems on my
Kubuntu installation. I wasn't careful enough in my attempts to repair
and ended up with a broken system.

On the positive side, this means that I  can now check if the bug exists in a fresh installation of Kubuntu 14.04.1...
It does.
The local was mixed again, my hypothesis is that the Kubuntu installer sets some locale values depending on the timezone you choose? I manually reset all values to "de_DE.UTF-8" in /etc/default/locale.

I attached three screenshots. The first two are the example text in Kate
and the available fonts in a fresh installation with all updates
installed. The text shows _three_ different "things": First, most
characters are displayed in the normal font. Some few characters, for
example the first one, are displayed in a different, slighty italic
font. Some characters are completely missing, and squares displayed in
their place.

The third screenshot was taken after installing Chinese language support. I first added Chinese in the KDE language settings, which caused some packages being installed, for example ibus. But afterwards, the text was still displayed the same way. I then installed language-selector-gnome. When I s tarted it, gnome-language-selector was prompting that some language support packages where missing and offered to install it, among others, fonts-arphic-uming and fonts-arphic-ukai where installed. I addionally executed "apt-get install --reinstall fonts-droid".
You see the result after a reboot on the third screenshot. The text looks like on my old system, the characters only displayed as squares before now use a italic font to. The italic font changed, I assume it is arphic-ukai. As with the old installation, the font settings dialog only shows the same few fonts, and not all of the fonts you have.

I also attached the output of "fc-match -a 'sans-serif'"

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  Two mixed fonts when rendering Chinese in KDE/QT apps with Droid Sans

Status in “fonts-android” package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  In all desktop applications, two different fonts are mixed to display Chinese text. I attached a screenshot of a paragraph of Chinese text in Kmail - some characters are displayed using a "italic" font, others in a "normal" font. The same problem exists in other applications, for example Dolphin or even Konsole. In Xterm, only the "normal" characters are displayed, where Dolphin displays italic characters Xterm leaves a white space. Websites are displayed fine, if I open the same mail in the web interface only one font is used.


  I' am using Kubuntu 14.04 with the language set to German in KDE settings.
  The output of "locale" looks a bit messed up, I don't know why, as in the KDE settings all formats are consistently set to German standard. 

  »DejaVuSans.ttf: "DejaVu Sans" "Book"«

  This is my first bug filed at launchpad. I filed it for language-selector as other related bugs I found were filed for the same package. If it isn't language-selector, perhaps you can point me to the right package?

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