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[Bug 861334] Re: [nc] Ship Ubuntu Mono .psf as default console font in Ubuntu 11.10


If other people want to test:

  sudo apt-get install fonts-ubuntu-font-family-console
  dpkg -L fonts-ubuntu-font-family-console | grep -m1 .psf | xargs sudo setfont -C /dev/tty2

and then it's possible to flick between:

  Ctrl-Alt-F1 (tty1 showing Ubuntu Mono Regular rendered to 8x16)
  Ctrl-Alt-F2 (tty2 showing default: Terminus)
  Ctrl-Alt-F7 (GUI desktop)

The hinting information is used for generation of the bitmaps, but it's
pretty sub-optimal.  Rather than attempt to improve the hinting just to
export to a bitmap  …it would probably be faster/more efficient to take
the Ubuntu Mono design principles and hunt and peck pixels in a bitmap
editor as everyone did in the 1990s.

This would then not be derived either, and so with a BSD/MIT/PD licence
it could be built to fall back on existing Terminus and so provide both
useful coverage and the slight variations of the 'i' 'l', 'm' for the
look and feel (because of the limited number of pixels most glyphs in
terminal tend towards looking the same.

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sources in Ubuntu.

  [nc] Ship Ubuntu Mono .psf as default console font in Ubuntu 11.10

Status in ubuntu-font-family-sources package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  Further to bug #724022 ("Wishlist: Enable use of Ubuntu Mono as .psf
  console-setup font"), Mark Shuttleworth requested that that Ubuntu
  Mono bitmaps be used as the default Ubuntu Mono font for console use
  in Ubuntu 11.10.

    "<sabdfl> fonts-ubuntu-font-family-console … needs to be a dep of
  'ubuntu-standard', and the default mono font for 11.10 please"

  Ubuntu 11.10 Hard Freeze is in 32 hours time.  This would require:

    1. Upstream release of Ubuntu Font Family 0.80.  A release candidate has been out for a couple of days with no reports of show  stoppers (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-font-family/+milestone/0.80)
    2. Distro upload of Ubutu Font Family 0.80 minus Medium for oneiric
    3. Accepting 'fonts-ubuntu-font-family-console' binary (built from the same source) into universe
    4. Promoting 'fonts-ubuntu-font-family-console' to main
    5. MIR for 'otf2bdf'
    6. MIR for 'bdf2psf'
    7. Adjusting of seeds to add 'fonts-ubuntu-font-family-console' to 'ubuntu-standard'
    8. Increasing CD/Image size by 18 kB in all cases.  (By not building Italic/Bold Italic this would decrease to ~10 kB)

  This would get 'consolefonts' installed, but would require users to
  manually install it.  This would not require changes to screenshots or
  documentation adjusts as nothing in the default has changed.  To
  subsequently set as default would require:

    9. '/var/lib/dpkg/info/console-setup.config' adjustments; the desired font capacity is limited; this sets the particular subset for Latin/Greek/Cyrillic/Arabic etc.  We cannot replace all of these.
    10. We don't have sufficient glyph coverage to replace all of these.
    11. The snapshot of the hinted Ubuntu Mono fonts from Vincent Connare/Dalton Maag on 2011-09-22 are a vast improvement, but are still a work in progress.
    12. Regenerating Ubuntu server screenshots
    13. Adjusting documentation slightly, although likely minor

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