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[Bug 1630272] Re: The "Official Documentation" for Ubuntu 16.04 does not include correct instructions on installing Printers.


I apologize in my delay in replying. I tested the printer instructions
you provided under Ubuntu 16.04.

In the beginning of the instructions for 16.04 it says:

“You do not need to select whether you want to install network or local
printer now. They are listed in one window.”

I actually have to choose “Network” to proceed.  I think the
instructions for 17.04 are better, and work for 16.04 as well, but
neither instructions work without a few changes in the process. See
process below.

Using your instructions as a base, here is what I had to do. I confirmed
this process on three machines running Ubuntu 16.04, using the same
network printer. Perhaps others can confirm.

Below are my instructions, note: step 4 is edited, and step 5 is an
additional step.


To set up a network printer:

1. It's assumed that the printer is connected to your network. Click the icon at the far right of the menu bar and select System Settings.
2. Open Printers.
3. Click Add.
4. Click “Network”. If your printer is listed in the Devices list, select it; otherwise if you know the printer's IP address, select Find Network Printer, enter the IP address in the Host field, and click Find.
5. Once you select your printer the HOST field may be auto-populated with information based on your selected printer (example: “BRN30055C829554”). Delete this and enter your printers IP Address.
6. Click Forward and wait while the system searches for drivers. 
7. You can customize the printer's name, description, and location if you like. When finished, click Apply.
8. You can now print a test page or click Cancel to skip that step.



If I accept all defaults when installing the network printer via the
GUI, the GUI auto populates my HOST field with “BRN30055C829554” (for my
Brother network printer). It then appears to grab an acceptable driver
and install the printer successfully. The printer appears in the
printers section but no jobs print.

Note: I noticed the wizard automatically assigns the Device URI:

When I manually changed the "Device URI" to ""; the
printer printed successfully. However I could not just enter the IP
address ( directly, I had to enter in the "htt://<IP

Alternately I could also select the printer properties (*after
installation), and in the GUI next to "Device URI" select "Change". Here
I have to wait a second, then I get the option to change the "HOST"
field. If I enter the printer IP "" and save settings, the
device ID field changes to "lpd://". I can then
successfully print a test page.

Basically it appears when letting the Ubuntu printer wizard GUI select
the printer port/Device-UI it doesn't do it correctly (*non IP).
Printing fails. You must manually enter the devices IP address. I have
found no other way to get this to work. I confirmed this behavior on
several machines. Perhaps others here can test and confirm this.

For users who know their printers IP address (and its set to STATIC)
this method should work always. It appears though that printing to the
printer MAC or Device URI it auto detects and populates does not work. I
don't know if this is a bug, or a limitation.

I See these interfaces on Windows printer Ports for clients a lot (that
way a user doesn't have to specify an IP address), which is nice if a
user is someone who is non-technical and doesn't know the printer
address. However for me this auto-detect wizard doesn't work with out
specifying the IP.

If the IP must be specified perhaps the directions may need to clarify

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  The "Official Documentation" for Ubuntu 16.04 does not include correct
  instructions on installing Printers.

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Bug description:
  The "Official Documentation" for Ubuntu 16.04 does not include correct
  instructions on installing Printers.

  Following the Official Documentation guides for Ubuntu 16.04 (see

  Ubuntu 16.04 Official Printing Documentation

  Ubuntu 16.04 Official Documentation:

  There is no Network Printer installation guide, but there should be. MOST desktop users now use network printers at home, small offices, and companies. Most printing in my experience is networked, not local. Most network printing is IP based printing, and users in Windows and Mac can easily install a network printer by providing its IP address and selecting the printer. Or installing the driver, then selecting the printer when adding the network printer by IP.

  Note: Many companies (and most home networks) use direct IP printing
  from the client, and do not forward print jobs to a print server.

  The Official Guide should include steps to clearly install a network
  printer for Ubuntu Desktop via IP address.

  I am reporting this here as the Official Doco pages state "To report
  errors in this documentation, file a bug."


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