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[Bug 876017] Re: [FFE][UIFE] Window management - We should be able to close windows in spread mode


@Gunnar. I want to check with you what documentation changes are needed
here. A close button was added to windows in spread mode. So I need to
mention closing windows in spread mode using the mouse (of course a user
can also close windows in spread mode using the keyboard - but I don't
need to mention that?)?

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  [FFE][UIFE] Window management - We should be able to close windows in
  spread mode

Status in Ayatana Design:
  Fix Released
Status in Unity:
  Fix Released
Status in ubuntu-docs package in Ubuntu:
  In Progress
Status in unity package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  == Proposed Change ==

  Add a small titlebar to each window in spread mode with just a close
  button. Allows users to close windows in the spread

  == Test ==

  None as of yet.

  This code is mostly all UI/Rendering code and wasn't exactly testable.
  It might be worthwhile looking into writing AP tests for the close
  functionality. The two revisions in question are:


  I can vouch as the reviewer that the code was written correctly and
  functions like the other compiz draw-on-windows code.

  == Contingency? ==

  We should just be able to revert those revisions. As nothing else is
  planned to change on those code sections, reverting them should be

  1.Open 3 windows of nautilus or any application.
  2. Click on the application's icon in the launcher to activate spread mode.
  3. If you want to close one of the windows, you have to click on its preview, than close it when it has focus. However, we should be able to close it directly in spread mode (like in gnome shell) by clicking on a close button in the upper left corner of each preview.

  I attached a picture of how its done in gnome shell.

  Note from design:

  This feature will be added as part of 'The Spread', for more details

  - http://design.canonical.com/2012/03/task-switching-in-ubuntu-and-a

  - http://design.canonical.com/the-toolkit/unity-task-switching/

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