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[Bug 1599264] Re: [SRU] "When power is critically low" setting does nothing


This bug was fixed in the package ubuntu-docs - 17.04.1

ubuntu-docs (17.04.1) zesty; urgency=medium

  * scripts/validate.sh:
    - Modified so it can be called via a symlink from 'ubuntu-help/C'
      or 'html'.
  * power-hibernate.page:
    - Changed command due to upstart->systemd transition.
  * Bump version to 17.04 / zesty.
  * html/ubuntu.xsl:
    - Make unordered lists bulleted and not numbered (LP: #1649554).
  * keyboard-layouts.page:
    - Note about how to show rarely used xkb layout variants.
  * Updated ubuntu-help.pot.
  * debian/compat, debian/control:
    - Bump to debhelper version 9

  [ Chris Perry ]
  * tips-specialchars.page:
    - Section "Compose key" updated (LP: #1624778).
  * addremove-ppa.page:
    - Revise PPA description (LP: #1628706).
  * keyboard-layouts.page:
    - Move text of marginal note.
  * mouse-middleclick.page, mouse-touchpad-click.page:
    - Revise description of middle-click from touchpad (LP: #1617718).
  * power-lowpower.page:
    - Update since related control in "System Settings -> Power" has
      been removed (LP: #1599264, LP: #1641786).
  * accounts-add.page, net-firewall-on-off.page:
    - Minor clarifications.
  * net-wireless-*.page, net-problem.page:
    - GUI conformity modifications (LP: #1637126)
    - New shared section (LP: #977251)
  * addremove-install.page, addremove-remove.page:
    - Clearer description of Ubuntu Software's focus on applications
      (LP: #1637861).
    - Mentioning of snaps (LP: #1658785).
  * printing-setup.page:
    - Section about network printer added (LP: #1630272).
  * mouse-mousekeys.page:
    - Improved description of mouse keys (LP: #964727).
  * disk-*.page:
    - GUI conformity modifications (LP: #1651360).
  * List type explicitly stated on multiple pages.
  * addremove-creator.page:
    - New page describing Startup Disk Creator (LP: #1569532).
  * security-settings.page:
    - New page describing the Security & Privacy panel in System
      Settings (LP: #1200381).

  [ Doug Smythies ]
  * scripts/validate.sh:
    - Changed to --strict validation.
  * ubuntu-help/C/legal.xml:
    - Specify https to avoid a "permanently moved" redirection.

 -- Gunnar Hjalmarsson <gunnarhj@xxxxxxxxxx>  Mon, 20 Feb 2017 15:11:00

** Changed in: ubuntu-docs (Ubuntu)
       Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released

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  [SRU] "When power is critically low" setting does nothing

Status in One Hundred Papercuts:
Status in ubuntu-docs package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in unity-control-center package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in ubuntu-docs source package in Xenial:
  Won't Fix
Status in unity-control-center source package in Xenial:
Status in ubuntu-docs source package in Yakkety:
  Won't Fix
Status in unity-control-center source package in Yakkety:
  Fix Released

Bug description:

  In unity-control-center (u-c-c) there is an option for taking an
  action when "Power is critically low".  The choices are "Hibernate" or
  "Power off".  Often Hibernate is a disabled option because of problems
  with hibernate on various systems.

  However - what to do in the event of a critically low power situation
  is now handled by Upowerd automatically and so making a choice in
  u-c-c does nothing at all.

  As such, leaving that option accessible to users will lead to

  This patch removes the option from the UI.

  [Test Case]

  On an unpatched machine with a battery (i.e. laptop) open the power
  panel in u-c-c (Power/Settings menu in the top right corner -> System
  Settings -> Power.  Note that the 2nd option down is "When power is
  critically low".

  Once this update is applied and u-c-c is closed and reopened, this
  option is no longer present.

  [Regression Potential]
  There are some deletions from the ui file and some corresponding code deletions from the associated c file (cc-power-panel.c).

  It is possible that extra code has been removed that could cause a
  crash or affect other options in the power panel.

  However, the changes are fairly small and easy to review.  Nothing
  looks out of place.  Also testing has not shown any problems.

  [Other Info]

  Verbal (IRC) +1 from design via mpt.
  +1 from docs team via mailing list.

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