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[Bug 1686267] Re: please move ubuntu-help/ to gnome-help/


On 2017-04-26 22:16, Jeremy Bicha wrote:
> You can install gnome-getting-started-docs now if you have an artful 
> install.

Right, I tested it.

> When I tested, it showed up as an extra section at the bottom of the
> main Help page.

Cool, missed that detail before. :)

> If we use gnome-initial-setup, by default it opens the Getting
> Started help after the user completes the setup questions.
> If you like those 2 packages (getting-started and initial-setup), I
> can file the Main Inclusion Requests.

As regards gnome-initial-setup, it's a design matter a bit beyond the
docs internals, and I would suggest a separate thread about it on the
ubuntu-desktop mailing list.

Ubuntu MATE has something along those lines, and if we keep lightdm, it
can be worth mentioning that they show a customized first page in the
guest session.

> Yes, we could still switch to gnome-user-guide later. I think it
> would be good to decide which package to use before 17.10 Artful is
> released, but you might want to wait until closer to Feature or UI
> Freeze?

Something like that. I'd like to make a serious attempt to fork the
.page files from a suitable version (which version is that?) of GNOME
Help, identify the Ubuntu specific pages which would make sense to keep,
and integrate them in the structure.

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  please move ubuntu-help/ to gnome-help/

Status in ubuntu-docs package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  For Ubuntu 17.04 and earlier, we patched several (but not all) GNOME
  apps to show help:ubuntu-help when run in Unity but still show help
  :gnome-help when run in GNOME.

  That won't work anymore with 17.10.

  Test Case
  You can see this by installing gnome-shell then logging into GNOME. (It's probably easiest to choose lightdm if asked unless you install ubuntu-gnome-desktop because of LP: #1686257 )

  Open the Help app. It should display either Ubuntu's Help or GNOME's
  Help but it instead loads the All Help page because it can't find help

  Easy Suggested Fix
  bzr mv ubuntu-help gnome-help

  Be sure to set Conflicts: gnome-user-guide

  Then we probably need to change all the places that point to help
  :ubuntu-help to point to help:gnome-help unless someone really wants
  to maintain a Unity Help Guide.

  Alternate Suggested Fix
  We could just install gnome-user-guide instead of ubuntu-docs.

  Depending on how much customization is wanted, you could fork gnome-
  user-guide later.

  And update help:ubuntu-help links to help:gnome-help like in the
  previous fix.

  I think we'll eventually want a transitional package once we figure out what package name we're going to stick with.

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