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Take a look  at  that coolest stuff ever! You've never seen something
like that I swear! Here,  check this out

Warm regards, Fallica Francesco

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Is there more benefit  to  having a medical professional be present
during? Sure.  But there is always going  to be benefits to having a
medical professional be present, but that doesn't mean we exactly call
the doc  each  time we step into a car.

In many countries  where homebirth is more  normalised, midwifes  are
medical professionals. Perhaps not of the same level of a doctor, but
certainly not without knowledge and skill. And for the majority of
births that is all that is needed.

Additionally,  while hospitals might have the benefit  of having
doctors there, they  also carry cons. To  labour  effectively, a woman
really should be at ease.  Not all  women can be at ease  in a hospital.
Additionally, and especially in the  states,  most hospitals have become
so obsessed with trying to minimise every possible liability that they
forget the  woman labouring. There are a lot of hospitals where women
are forced to  labour on their  back (very  unnatural  position,  you
are pushing against gravity),  not allowed to get  up and  move around
(can help manage labour pains), not allowed to  eat, not allowed to  get
in the  tub (the  warm water can  also ease labour pains)  and  they can
get very pushy about  medical interventions (such  as  drugs to  help
strengthen  contractions,  c-sections, etc). Not saying  this happens in
all  hospitals, but it happens  in enough hospitals that there are
groups of women who want something different.

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